Mochila Quokkababy E-carrier

Quokkababy E Carrier: The Innovative Evolutionary Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Quokkababy Ergonomic Baby Carrier
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 Ergonomics design

 Easy to adjust

 Soft, Breathable Organic Wrap Fabric

Evolutionary Design Adapts to Your Baby's Growth

Comfort and Well-being for Your Baby from Birth to 22 kg (Up to 3 Years Old)

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The Quokkababy E-Carrier stands out for its innovative design and adaptability through all growth stages. Certified from 3.2 kg to 22 kg (up to 3 years old).

Its innovative adjustment system, coupled with a wide panel, ensures the carrier perfectly fits both newborns and older children, up to 3 years old.

This versatility guarantees comfort and well-being for both parents and babies at each stage of development, making the E-Carrier the ideal choice to support them as they grow.

Respects Baby's Physiological Position

Quokkababy E Carrier with newborn baby in use
Maximum Ergonomics for Newborns

The Quokkababy E-Carrier Precisely Adapts to Your Newborn.

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  • The panel contracts on all four sides to achieve perfect adaptation to the size of the newborn, offering comfort and safety from day one.
  • Padded cervical support provides optimal support for the delicate head and neck of the newborn.
  • The dual strap configuration allows the Quokkababy E-Carrier to conform to their cervical curvature, without exerting direct pressure on the baby's back.
Hip Dysplasia Prevention with the Hip Dysplasia Quality Seal

The Quokkababy Carrier ensures your baby’s hips are in the ergonomic 'M' frog position, providing optimal support and preventing dysplasia for healthy development and great comfort.

It has earned the 'Hip Dysplasia' quality seal from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, certifying it as a healthy product for baby hip development.

Adapts to Baby's Natural Spine Curvature

The flexible fabric and dual strap positions provide optimal support for the baby’s back, adjusting to the C-shaped curvature in newborns and accommodating their developing lordosis in later stages, ensuring well-being at every growth phase.

mochila porteo ergonomica evolutiva con detalle de la doble posicion del tirante

  • Strap position on the waistband: suitable for newborns. Avoids pressure on the baby’s delicate back.
  • Strap position on the panel: for when they can sit unaided. Allows for a more upright position and improves weight distribution across the carrier's body.

Versatility and Adaptability in Carrying Positions

how to use Quokkababy E carrier in differents positions
Carrying Positions: Front, Hip, and Back

As your baby grows, their needs change. That’s why the Quokkababy E Carrier allows you to carry easily and safely on the front, back, and hip.

mochila portabebes quokkababy mostrando las dos posiciones del tirante para adaptarse al desarrollo de la columna vertebral

Front Position: This position is suitable for newborns and smaller babies who do not yet have good head and neck control. However, it is also suitable at any stage. Hip Position: Occasional carrying in this position is ideal for older babies, starting at 6 months, who can sit independently. It allows the baby to explore their surroundings. Back Position: This position is suitable for older babies, starting at 6 months, who have good neck and head control. This position evenly distributes the baby's weight across the carrier's back.

Adapts to Baby's Needs and Growth Stages

The E-Carrier features soft padding in the neck and knee areas, providing extra support and adapting to the needs of each stage.


From newborns needing more support in the neck and head, to older children who require padding in the knee areas for added comfort.

Innovative Patented Panel Reduction System

The Quokkababy E-Carrier features a unique attribute that merges two sizes into one single carrier, offering a broader usage range than other evolutionary carriers.

This is thanks to its simple and innovative dual panel adjustment system:

  • On the inside, it has two settings to position the carrier in either baby or toddler mode, allowing for maximum panel reduction to suit a newborn.
  • You only need to adjust the panel on the outside to the exact size of the baby, achieving perfect adaptability at each evolutionary stage

innovador sistema de doble ajuste del panel de la mochila quokkababy e carrier

Ease of Use and Comfort for the Carrier

Designed with the carrier's ergonomics in mind

The Quokkababy E-Carrier is crafted with your needs in mind, offering a simple and comfortable carrying experience and an easy two-click adjustment..

You can share it with your partner as it quickly and easily adapts to carriers of different builds.

Adapts to Carriers of Different Builds

Facilitates Breastfeeding and Baby Mobility

Superior adjustments for easy breastfeeding

The Quokkababy E Carrier features a special characteristic for nursing mothers: the ability to breastfeed your baby while in the carrier. As your baby grows, they can easily free their arms, preventing discomfort. Conversely, by adjusting these buckles, you’ll provide greater support for the baby's head and neck.

Mochila porteo quokkababy E carrier en posicion de amamantar

Organic and Sustainable Wrap Fabric Ideal for All Climates

The best fabric for carrying your baby

Our soft and breathable wrap fabric is made from 100% organic cotton with OEKOTEX certification, caring for your baby’s delicate skin. Quokkababy E Carriers are made from jacquard or twill wrap fabric. The advantages of this type of fabric, woven on more complex looms where the threads intersect, result in very durable materials. 

Therefore, wrap fabrics are highly valued for baby carrier manufacturing. Being very moldable and adaptable, yet shape-retaining, they provide optimal support for the baby’s weight, recovering their shape after use. It offers adequate support for the baby's weight, being both resistant and flexible.

Sustainability and Durability

Crafted with high-quality Duraflex buckles and BLUESIGN® certified for sustainability.

tejido suave de fular de Quokkababy e carrier y papa con bebe en porteo delante

Quokkababy E Carrier in Action: The Comfort Your Baby Deserves and the Convenience You Need


Panel Width (Open)42 cm
Panel Width (Closed)15 cm
Panel Height (Open)42 cm
Panel Height (Closed)22 cm
Weight Range3,2 kg (7 lbs) a 22 kg (48,5 lbs)
Age Range0 a 36 months
Strap Width8 cm
Strap Length (Adjustable)52 -126 cm
Belt (Adjustable)72-146 cm (XS - 3XL)
Height52 -98 cm
Fabric Weight205-220 gr/m2

Frequently Asked Questions about the Quokkababy E Carrier

About the Carrier

What safety standards does the Quokkababy E Carrier meet?

The Quokkababy E Carrier has been rigorously tested and meets European safety standards for baby carriers. Additionally, it has been certified by an authorized laboratory, ensuring its safety and quality for you and your baby.

You can be confident that you are using a product designed to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Is it safe to use the Quokkababy E Carrier?

Absolutely! The Quokkababy carrier complies with safety regulations and features an ergonomic design that ensures the baby can be carried in a safe, comfortable, and ergonomic position.

However, there are safety tips that you must always follow when carrying your baby in any device.


  1. Ask for help the first few times you use the carrier. Practice in front of a mirror.
  2. Adjust the carrier to the size of the baby and respect the natural curvature of their spine.
  3. Ensure the baby's hips are in an "M" position to prevent hip dysplasia.
  4. Keep the baby's airways clear and their head out of the carrier.
  5. Adjust the tension of the carrier so it is ergonomic and comfortable for both the baby and you.
  6. Ensure the belt is tight enough to distribute the baby's weight between your waist and shoulders.
  7. Remember to lower the belt towards the hips as the baby grows to keep their head below your chin and maintain balance.
  8. When it is not possible to carry the baby in the front position, try carrying them on your hip or back.
  9. Start carrying the baby gradually, always seeking comfort and happiness for both you and the baby.

By following these tips, you can enjoy safe and comfortable carrying with the Quokkababy E Carrier.

What type of materials are used to manufacture the Quokkababy E Carrier?

Our carrier is made from 100% certified organic cotton. First and foremost, organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, meaning there are no harmful chemicals that could damage the delicate skin of the baby or pollute the environment.

Moreover, organic cotton is naturally breathable and soft to the touch, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable carrying experience for both the baby and the carrier. Choosing certified organic cotton reflects Quokkababy’s commitment to the health and well-being of your family and the environment, and we are proud to offer this option to our customers. Additionally, the Quokkababy E Carrier is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that the materials used in its manufacture have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee they do not contain harmful substances for either the baby’s or the adult’s health.

  The Duraflex buckles on the Quokkababy E Carrier, made from recycled materials, carry the Blue Design sustainability seal, thus ensuring environmental protection.


What is the ergonomic position in the Quokkababy E Carrier?

This position refers to a posture where the baby is in a natural and safe position, with legs in an "M" shape and the spine in a gentle curve (according to your baby's developmental stage).

The ergonomic or 'frog' position ensures that the baby's weight is properly distributed, avoiding pressure on the hips and spine.

Additionally, the Quokkababy E Carrier features an adjustable panel in width and height, ensuring a precise and optimal fit for the baby at each stage of their growth.

This ergonomic position also provides greater comfort for the carrier, as the baby's weight rests on our body rather than 'hanging.' This way, the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders and back.

Can I carry my baby facing out in the Quokkababy E Carrier?

Physically it is possible, but it is not recommended to carry babies facing outwards.

Firstly, it is an unnatural and non-ergonomic position where the baby's weight hangs outward, making it uncomfortable for both the baby and the carrier.

The baby's hips do not remain in the frog or M position, and the curvature of their back is flattened against the carrier's body. Additionally, for babies under 6 months, this position causes excessive stimulation which is not advisable.

For the carrier, having the baby face the world throws off their center of gravity and causes back and lumbar pain.

If your baby requires a wider angle of view at certain stages, we recommend other alternatives, such as occasionally carrying on the hip or on the back.

What age and weight is suitable for using the Quokkababy E Carrier?

You can use the E Carrier from newborn, starting at 3.2 kg up to 22 kg, approximately 3 years of age.

Can I use the Quokkababy E Carrier with a newborn?

The Quokkababy E Carrier is designed so that you can carry your newborn safely and comfortably. It is approved from 3.2 kg. If your baby is premature or was born with a low weight, we recommend carrying them in the Quokkababy baby carrier shirt.

How can I adjust the Quokkababy E Carrier as my baby grows?

It's very easy! You just need to open the panel adjustments so that your baby sits from knee to knee, with the panel up to the neck.

Once your baby can sit unaided, if you want to carry them in a more upright position, you can change the strap to the upper hook (panel).

For more information, check out our video tutorials where you will find detailed information.

About Comfort for the Carrier

What features does the Quokkababy E Carrier have that make it comfortable for the carrier?

At Quokkababy, we pride ourselves on offering a decade of experience in consulting families, which has allowed us to perfect the design of the Quokkababy E Carrier to provide maximum comfort for people of various builds.

We've paid meticulous attention to details such as a comfortable belt that prevents any discomfort while carrying, even when seated, straps with high-density padding, and additional padded pieces at the strap attachments to prevent any discomfort. Additionally, the option to use cross-back straps adds versatility and adaptability to your carrying experience.

Can I use the Quokkababy E Carrier for long periods?

Of course! The Quokkababy E Carrier is designed with both baby's and carrier's comfort in mind.

Thanks to its ergonomics and weight distribution, you can enjoy lengthy carrying periods without any issues.

Its careful design ensures a comfortable and safe experience for as long as you wish to keep your baby close to you.

Can I carry with the Quokkababy E Carrier if I have had a C-section?

Every woman has a unique recovery process after a C-section. It's important to follow your health professional's advice and take the necessary time to recover properly. The Quokkababy E Carrier is designed with the needs of all moms in mind, including those who have had a C-section.

The ability to anchor the straps to the panel or belt allows you to carry comfortably without putting additional pressure on the C-section area.

In the newborn carrying position, with the strap anchored to the belt, you can relieve the weight from the abdominal area by loosening the belt, without compromising the backpack's fit. This allows you to enjoy carrying without compromising your well-being and recovery.

Can I share the Quokkababy E Carrier with my partner if we have different builds?

Absolutely! The Quokkababy E Carrier is designed to fit people of various builds. The adjustable straps and ergonomic belt allow for a customized fit in seconds, providing comfort for both you and your partner.

This way, you can both enjoy the benefits of carrying with the Quokkababy E Carrier, regardless of size or build differences.

How can I breastfeed in the Quokkababy E Carrier?

The E Carrier is designed with the comfort of both the baby and the mother in mind during breastfeeding.

To breastfeed your baby while using the carrier, you can slightly loosen the straps and upper adjustments to lower the front panel and allow easy and discreet access to the breast. Make sure the baby is well supported and held securely, and maintain a comfortable posture for yourself.

Remember, each mother and baby have different needs, so it's important to find the most suitable position for both.

If you have any questions or need more guidance, do not hesitate to consult with a lactation professional.

About Cleaning and Maintenance of the Carrier

How should the Quokkababy E Carrier be stored when not in use?

When you're not using the Quokkababy E Carrier, you can easily store it in the included zippered bag. This handy bag allows you to keep the carrier neat and protected when not in use. Additionally, the bag features a functional design that lets you comfortably hang it on the stroller handle, which means you’ll always have it ready and at hand to take wherever you want. This way, you can enjoy the comfort and versatility of the Quokkababy E Carrier at any time and place.

organizador carro para guardar la mochila quokkababy e carrier

How is the Quokkababy E Carrier cleaned?

To keep the Quokkababy E Carrier in good condition, it is recommended to hand wash or machine wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water, always using a mild detergent.

It's important to avoid using bleach, dry cleaning, ironing, or tumble drying, as these can damage the fabric and components of the carrier.

It is advised to air dry, and not to expose it directly to sunlight to prolong its life. It is important to store the carrier in a dry place, protected from dust and moisture when not in use.