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camiseta para porteo ergonomico quokkababy en uso con recien nacido

Discover the babywearing revolution with QuokkaBaby's ergonomic babywearing shirts. Designed to provide maximum comfort and safety, these shirts perfectly adapt to the needs of both the baby and the wearer. With a patented design and unique ergonomic features that set it apart from other babywearing shirts, QuokkaBaby redefines the babywearing experience, allowing a closer and more natural contact between parents and children. From preventing hip dysplasia to even weight distribution, every detail has been carefully considered to offer an exceptional babywearing solution.

Discover the QuokkaBaby Ergonomic Babywearing Shirt

Maximum Ergonomics for You and Your Baby

camiseta para porteo ergonomico quokkababy en uso con bebe de 6 meses

Venturing into the world of babywearing can be overwhelming, but QuokkaBaby makes it simple and safe.

Designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for both the baby and the wearer, the QuokkaBaby ergonomic babywearing shirt has become a preferred choice for parents seeking a practical and reliable babywearing solution.

Below, we explore its most notable features.

Unique Patented Design in the Market

camiseta para porteo ergonomico quokkababy en uso con bebe de 6 meses

What truly sets the QuokkaBaby babywearing shirt apart from other options in the market is its patented design

This design includes a technical injected reinforcement that prevents the baby from slipping inside the shirt, thus providing a safe and comfortable babywearing experience. Even with larger babies, the reinforcement allows the baby to maintain their ergonomic position and the wearer to be comfortable.

This technical reinforcement is hidden between the double layer of fabric on the back, allowing for optimal distribution of the baby's weight across the wearer's body.

Features of the QuokkaBaby Babywearing Shirt

Easy and Comfortable to Use

Like a wrap, but without knots
If the complexity of traditional wraps has intimidated you, the QuokkaBaby babywearing shirt is your solution. Designed to be as effective as a wrap but much simpler to use, this shirt eliminates the need for tying knots and making complicated adjustments. Just place the baby and you are ready to go.
facilidad de uso de la camiseta de porteo ergonomico

Ideal for Premature Babies

For babywearing and Kangaroo Care Method
Unlike wraps, the QuokkaBaby shirt does not have bands that drag on the floor, making it more hygienic. Additionally, its design allows for use with premature babies, offering a safe and comfortable option from the first days of life. It features a zipper on one side for easy baby insertion, and can be used as a band for Kangaroo Mother Care.
facilidad de uso de la camiseta de porteo ergonomico

Skin to Skin Contact

Enjoy its benefits
The QuokkaBaby shirt facilitates skin to skin contact, essential for emotional bonding and the baby's well-being. This close contact not only promotes breastfeeding, but also helps regulate the baby's sleep patterns and reduces stress and crying.
facilidad de uso de la camiseta de porteo ergonomico

Why Choose QuokkaBaby for Babywearing?

camiseta para porteo ergonomico quokkababy en uso con bebe de 6 meses

Advantages Over Babywearing Scarves or Wraps

While babywearing scarves and wraps can be difficult to handle and require learning to tie knots correctly, QuokkaBaby eliminates these complications.

Its pre-tied design and the absence of dragging bands make it a more hygienic and easier-to-use option.

Moreover, its technical reinforcement ensures an even distribution of the baby's weight, offering superior comfort for the wearer.

camiseta para porteo ergonomico quokkababy en uso con bebe de 6 meses

Versatile Use: From Newborns up to 9 Kilograms

Unlike other babywearing shirts, QuokkaBaby is suitable for a broader weight range, from newborns to babies up to 9 kilograms. This makes it an investment that goes beyond the first days or a skin-to-skin shirt. Moreover, its unique design allows for a seat to be made and the bands to be adjusted, and its injected technical reinforcement prevents the baby from slipping, providing a safe and comfortable babywearing experience. This technical reinforcement sets it apart from other babywearing shirts, making QuokkaBaby a safer and more durable option.

Safety and Certifications of QuokkaBaby

Your baby's safety and well-being are our top priorities. QuokkaBaby not only meets the highest quality standards, but has also obtained certifications that endorse its safety and sustainability.

Compliance with European Regulations

Safety Certified by Accredited Laboratory
Unlike other babywearing shirts on the market that do not comply with European regulations, QuokkaBaby strictly adheres to these baby product safety standards. Additionally, it has been certified by the accredited Aiju laboratory, ensuring that every babywearing shirt that leaves our factory has undergone rigorous quality control checks. This compliance with regulations provides additional peace of mind to parents who choose QuokkaBaby for the safe and comfortable babywearing of their children.

Made from OEKO-TEX Organic Cotton

Soft and safe organic fabric for the baby
Your baby's health and respect for the environment are fundamental to us. That's why QuokkaBaby is made with 95% organic cotton and has OEKO-TEX certification. This seal guarantees that the materials used are free from harmful substances and have been produced sustainably, thus ensuring safe and healthy contact with your baby's skin.

How to Babywear Your Baby Safely

Carrying your baby safely is the number one priority with the QuokkaBaby babywearing shirt.

The shirt is designed to adapt to the needs of your baby at each stage of their development, from newborns up to 9 kilograms in weight

. Follow the detailed instructions that come with each shirt to ensure you are utilizing all the safety and ergonomics features that QuokkaBaby offers.